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Definitions and Synonyms of explicit | Another word for explicit | What is explicit?

Definition 1: precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable; leaving nothing to implication - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where explicit or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • explicit instructions
  • she made her wishes explicit
  • explicit sexual scenes

Synonyms for explicit in the sense of this definition

(explicit is similar to ...) clearly defined or formulated

"the plain and unequivocal language of the laws"

(explicit is similar to ...) extremely explicit

"hard-core pornography"

(explicit is similar to ...) describing nudity or sexual activity in graphic detail

"graphic sexual scenes"

(explicit is similar to ...) not tacit or implied

"her express wish"

(explicit is similar to ...) declared as fact; explicitly stated

(means also ...) open and observable; not secret or hidden

"an overt lie" "overt hostility" "overt intelligence gathering" "open ballots"

(means also ...) admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion

"unequivocal evidence" "took an unequivocal position" "an unequivocal success" "an unequivocal promise" "an unequivocal (or univocal) statement"

(means also ...) having the power of explicitly denoting or designating or naming

(means also ...) precise; explicit and clearly defined

"I want a definite answer" "a definite statement of the terms of the will" "a definite amount" "definite restrictions on the sale of alcohol" "the wedding date is now definite" "a definite drop in attendance"

(... are attributes of explicit) clarity as a consequence of being explicit

Definition 2: in accordance with fact or the primary meaning of a term - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Synonyms for explicit in the sense of this definition

(explicit is similar to ...) limited to the explicit meaning of a word or text

"a literal translation"

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