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Definition 1: resinous or aromatic chiefly tropical shrubs or trees - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for family burseraceae in the sense of this definition

(family burseraceae is a kind of ...) a family of dicotyledonous plants

(family burseraceae is a member of ...) any of various tropical trees of the family Burseraceae yielding fragrant gums or resins that are burned as incense

(family burseraceae is a member of ...) type genus of Burseraceae; tropical and subtropical American shrubs and trees some yielding timber and gum elemi

(family burseraceae is a member of ...) genus of trees of North Africa and India that yield incense

(family burseraceae is a member of ...) genus of East Indian and African trees yielding balsamic products

(family burseraceae is a member of ...) genus of chiefly tropical American trees having fragrant wood and yielding gum elemi

(... is a member of family burseraceae) an order of plants of subclass Rosidae including geraniums and many other plants; see Euphorbiaceae; Geraniaceae; Rutaceae; Malpighiaceae; Simaroubaceae; Meliaceae; Zygophyllaceae; Tropaeolaceae

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