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Definitions and Synonyms of feldspar | Another word for feldspar | What is feldspar?

Definition 1: any of a group of hard crystalline minerals that consist of aluminum silicates of potassium or sodium or calcium or barium - [noun denoting substance]

Synonyms for feldspar in the sense of this definition

(feldspar is a kind of ...) any of various nonmetallic minerals (calcite or feldspar) that are light in color and transparent or translucent and cleavable

(... is a kind of feldspar ) a white or colored monoclinic feldspar

(... is a kind of feldspar ) any of a series of triclinic feldspars that form rocks

(... is a kind of feldspar ) a transparent or translucent gemstone with a pearly luster; some specimens are orthoclase feldspar and others are plagioclase feldspar

(feldspar is made of the substance ...) a tetravalent nonmetallic element; next to oxygen it is the most abundant element in the earth's crust; occurs in clay and feldspar and granite and quartz and sand; used as a semiconductor in transistors

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