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Definitions and Synonyms of fingerprint | Another word for fingerprint | What is fingerprint?

Definition 1: a smudge made by a (dirty) finger - [noun denoting attribute]

Synonyms for fingerprint in the sense of this definition

(fingerprint is a kind of ...) a blemish made by dirt

"he had a smudge on his cheek"

Definition 2: a generic term for any identifying characteristic - [noun denoting communication]

Samples where fingerprint or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • that tax bill had the senator's fingerprints all over it

(fingerprint is a kind of ...) evidence of identity; something that identifies a person or thing

Definition 3: a print made by an impression of the ridges in the skin of a finger; often used for biometric identification in criminal investigations - [noun denoting communication]

(fingerprint is a kind of ...) the automatic identification of living individuals by using their physiological and behavioral characteristics

"negative identification can only be accomplished through biometric identification" "if a pin or password is lost or forgotten it can be changed and reissued but a biometric identification cannot"

(fingerprint is a kind of ...) a visible indication made on a surface

"some previous reader had covered the pages with dozens of marks" "paw prints were everywhere"

(... is a kind of fingerprint ) the basic pattern of the human fingerprint

(... is a kind of fingerprint ) fingerprint made by the thumb (especially by the pad of the thumb)

Definition 4: take an impression of a person's fingerprints - [verb of creation]

(fingerprint is a kind of ...) make a copy or equivalent of

"reproduce the painting"

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