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Definitions and Synonyms of flodden | Another word for flodden | What is flodden?

Definition 1: a battle in 1513; the English defeated the invading Scots and James IV was killed - [noun denoting act]

Synonyms for flodden in the sense of this definition

(flodden is an instance of ...) a fierce battle fought in close combat between troops in predetermined positions at a chosen time and place

(flodden belongs to a domain located in ...) a division of the United Kingdom

Definition 2: a hill in Northumberland where the invading Scots were defeated by the English in 1513 - [noun denoting location]

(flodden is an instance of ...) a local and well-defined elevation of the land

"they loved to roam the hills of West Virginia"

(... is part of flodden) the northernmost county of England; has many Roman remains (including Hadrian's Wall)

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