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Definitions and Synonyms of fungus kingdom | Another word for fungus kingdom | What is fungus kingdom?

Definition 1: the taxonomic kingdom including yeast, molds, smuts, mushrooms, and toadstools; distinct from the green plants - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for fungus kingdom in the sense of this definition

(fungus kingdom is a kind of ...) the highest taxonomic group into which organisms are grouped; one of five biological categories: Monera or Protoctista or Plantae or Fungi or Animalia

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) true fungi; eukaryotic heterotrophic walled organisms; distinguished from Myxomycota (funguslike slime molds): comprises subdivisions Mastigomycotina; Zygomycotina; Ascomycotina; Basidiomycotina; Deuteromycotina (imperfect fungi)

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) an organism of the kingdom Fungi lacking chlorophyll and feeding on organic matter; ranging from unicellular or multicellular organisms to spore-bearing syncytia

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) comprising the lichens which grow symbiotically with algae; sometimes treated as an independent group more or less coordinate with algae and fungi

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) a large and probably unnatural group of fungi and funguslike organisms comprising the Mastigomycota (including the Oomycetes) and Zygomycota subdivisions of the division Eumycota; a category not used in all systems

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) slime molds; organisms having a noncellular and multinucleate creeping vegetative phase and a propagative spore-producing stage: comprises Myxomycetes and Acrasiomycetes; in some classifications placed in the kingdom Protoctista

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) the order of fungi

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) includes lichen genera

(fungus kingdom is a member of ...) includes lichen families

(fungus kingdom is the domain which ... is member of) a jelly fungus with an erect whitish fruiting body and a highly variable shape (sometimes resembling coral fungi)

(fungus kingdom is the domain which ... is member of) (Fungi) a remnant of the partial veil that in mature mushrooms surrounds the stem like a collar

(fungus kingdom is the domain which ... is member of) (of some plants or fungi) feeding on dead or decaying organic matter

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