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Definition 1: a mature sexual reproductive cell having a single set of unpaired chromosomes - [noun denoting body]

(gamete is a kind of ...) a spermatozoon or an ovum; a cell responsible for transmitting DNA to the next generation

(... is a kind of gamete ) either of a pair of unlike gametes especially those unlike in size

(... is a kind of gamete ) either of a pair of conjugating gametes of the same size and structure

(... is a kind of gamete ) the male reproductive cell; the male gamete

"a sperm is mostly a nucleus surrounded by little other cellular material"

(... is a kind of gamete ) the female reproductive cell; the female gamete

(... is a kind of gamete ) an immature gamete produced by a spermatocyte; develops into a spermatozoon

(... is a kind of gamete ) a gamete; used especially of lower plants

(... is a kind of gamete ) a motile male gamete of a plant such as an alga or fern or gymnosperm

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