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Definition 1: a gasoline substitute consisting of 90% gasoline and 10% grain alcohol from corn - [noun denoting substance]

(gasohol is a kind of ...) a substance that can be consumed to produce energy

"more fuel is needed during the winter months" "they developed alternative fuels for aircraft"

(gasohol is a kind of ...) an organic compound containing only carbon and hydrogen

(gasohol is made of the substance ...) a volatile flammable mixture of hydrocarbons (hexane and heptane and octane etc.) derived from petroleum; used mainly as a fuel in internal-combustion engines

(gasohol is made of the substance ...) the intoxicating agent in fermented and distilled liquors; used pure or denatured as a solvent or in medicines and colognes and cleaning solutions and rocket fuel; proposed as a renewable clean-burning additive to gasoline

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