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Definitions and Synonyms of gatherer | Another word for gatherer | What is gatherer?

Definition 1: a person who is employed to collect payments (as for rent or taxes) - [noun denoting person]

Synonyms for gatherer in the sense of this definition

(gatherer is a kind of ...) a person who works at a specific occupation

"he is a good worker"

(... is a kind of gatherer ) the person who collects fares on a public conveyance

(... is a kind of gatherer ) someone who gathers something in small pieces (e.g. information) slowly and carefully

(... is a kind of gatherer ) a person who goes from house to house collecting rents for the owner

(... is an instance of gatherer) United States collector and patron of art who built a museum in Boston to house her collection and opened it to the public in 1903 (1840-1924)

(gatherer belongs to category ...) charge against a citizen's person or property or activity for the support of government

Definition 2: a person who gathers - [noun denoting person]

Samples where gatherer or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • they were a society of hunters and gatherers

(gatherer is a kind of ...) a human being

"there was too much for one person to do"

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