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Definitions and Synonyms of genus podocarpus | Another word for genus podocarpus | What is genus podocarpus?

Definition 1: evergreen trees or shrubs; sometimes classified as member of the family Taxaceae - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for genus podocarpus in the sense of this definition

(genus podocarpus is a kind of ...) a genus of gymnosperms

(genus podocarpus is a member of ...) any evergreen in the southern hemisphere of the genus Podocarpus having a pulpy fruit with one hard seed

(genus podocarpus is a member of ...) West Indian evergreen with medium to long leaves

(genus podocarpus is a member of ...) large Australian tree with straight-grained yellow wood that turns brown on exposure

(genus podocarpus is a member of ...) South African tree or shrub having a rounded crown

(genus podocarpus is a member of ...) erect or shrubby tree of Africa having ridged dark grey bark and rigid glossy medium to long leaves

(genus podocarpus is a member of ...) low wide-spreading coniferous shrub of New Zealand mountains

(genus podocarpus is a member of ...) valuable timber tree of New Zealand yielding hard reddish wood used for furniture and bridges and wharves

(... is a member of genus podocarpus) gymnosperms with simple persistent needlelike or scalelike leaves

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