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Definition 1: large widely distributed genus of plants having mostly showy flowers of various colors: campion; catchfly - [noun denoting plant]

(genus silene is a kind of ...) genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers

(genus silene is a member of ...) any plant of the genus Silene

(genus silene is a member of ...) tuft- or mat-forming dwarf perennial of Arctic regions of western and central Europe and North America

(genus silene is a member of ...) perennial of eastern and central North America having short-stalked pink or white flowers in hairy clusters

(genus silene is a member of ...) biennial European catchfly having red or pink flowers; sometimes placed in genus Lychnis

(genus silene is a member of ...) bluish-green herb having sticky stems and clusters of large evening-opening white flowers with much-inflated calyx; sometimes placed in genus Lychnis

(genus silene is a member of ...) perennial herb of eastern North America, having red flowers with narrow notched petals

(... is a member of genus silene) large family of herbs or subshrubs (usually with stems swollen at the nodes)

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