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Definitions and Synonyms of genus talinum | Another word for genus talinum | What is genus talinum?

Definition 1: genus of mainly American more-or-less succulent herbs - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for genus talinum in the sense of this definition

(genus talinum is a kind of ...) genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers

(genus talinum is a member of ...) plant with fleshy roots and erect stems with narrow succulent leaves and one reddish-orange flower in each upper leaf axil; southwestern United States; Indians once cooked the fleshy roots

(genus talinum is a member of ...) similar to Talinum aurantiacum but with narrower leaves and yellow-orange flowers; southwestern United States

(genus talinum is a member of ...) low plant with crowded narrow succulent leaves and fairly large deep pink axillary flowers that seem to sit on the ground; southwestern United States

(genus talinum is a member of ...) pink-flowered perennial of rocky regions of western United States

(genus talinum is a member of ...) low cushion-forming plant with rose to crimson-magenta flowers and leaf midribs that persist as spines when the leaves die; southwestern United States

(... is a member of genus talinum) family of usually succulent herbs; cosmopolitan in distribution especially in Americas

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