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Definitions and Synonyms of globulin | Another word for globulin | What is globulin?

Definition 1: a family of proteins found in blood and milk and muscle and in plant seed - [noun denoting substance]

(globulin is a kind of ...) a protein that yields only amino acids when hydrolyzed

(... is a kind of globulin ) a globulin in blood plasma or serum that is alkaline and has great electrophoretic mobility

(... is a kind of globulin ) globulins occurring in blood serum and containing most of the antibodies of the blood

(... is a kind of globulin ) a plasma protein containing the immunoglobulins that are responsible for immune responses

(... is a kind of globulin ) the commonest protein in muscle; a globulin that combines with actin to form actomyosin

(... is a kind of globulin ) a globulin in blood plasma that carries iron

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