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Definitions and Synonyms of goat antelope | Another word for goat antelope | What is goat antelope?

Definition 1: bovid related to goats but having antelope-like features: mountain goats; gorals; serows; chamois; gnu goats - [noun denoting animal]

(goat antelope is a kind of ...) hollow-horned ruminants

(... is a kind of goat antelope ) sure-footed mammal of mountainous northwestern North America

(... is a kind of goat antelope ) small goat antelope with small conical horns; of southern Asian mountains

(... is a kind of goat antelope ) short-horned dark-coated goat antelope of mountain areas of southern and southeastern Asia

(... is a kind of goat antelope ) hoofed mammal of mountains of Eurasia having upright horns with backward-hooked tips

(... is a kind of goat antelope ) large heavily built goat antelope of eastern Himalayan area

(... is a member of goat antelope) true antelopes; cattle; oxen; sheep; goats

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