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Definition 1: (classical mythology) the first and best age of the world, a time of ideal happiness, prosperity, and innocence; by extension, any flourishing and outstanding period - [noun denoting time]

(golden age is a kind of ...) an amount of time

"a time period of 30 years" "hastened the period of time of his recovery" "Picasso's blue period"

(golden age belongs to category ...) the system of mythology of the Greeks and Romans together; much of Roman mythology (especially the gods) was borrowed from the Greeks

Definition 2: any period (sometimes imaginary) of great peace and prosperity and happiness - [noun denoting time]

(golden age is a kind of ...) an era of history having some distinctive feature

"we live in a litigious age"

Definition 3: a time period when some activity or skill was at its peak - [noun denoting time]

Samples where golden age or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • it was the golden age of cinema

(golden age is a kind of ...) the period of greatest prosperity or productivity

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