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Definitions and Synonyms of grasshopper | Another word for grasshopper | What is grasshopper?

Definition 1: terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for grasshopper in the sense of this definition

(grasshopper is a kind of ...) any of various insects having leathery forewings and membranous hind wings and chewing mouthparts

(... is a kind of grasshopper ) grasshopper with short antennae

(... is a kind of grasshopper ) grasshoppers with long threadlike antennae and well-developed stridulating organs on the forewings of the male

Definition 2: a cocktail made of creme de menthe and cream (sometimes with creme de cacao) - [noun denoting food]

(grasshopper is a kind of ...) a short mixed drink

(grasshopper is made of the substance ...) sweet green or white mint-flavored liqueur

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