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Definitions and Synonyms of hadrosauridae | Another word for hadrosauridae | What is hadrosauridae?

Definition 1: duck-billed dinosaurs; upper Cretaceous - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for hadrosauridae in the sense of this definition

(hadrosauridae is a kind of ...) a family of reptiles

(hadrosauridae is a member of ...) any of numerous large bipedal ornithischian dinosaurs having a horny duck-like bill and webbed feet; may have been partly aquatic

(hadrosauridae is a member of ...) genus of large duck-billed dinosaurs; late Cretaceous

(hadrosauridae is a member of ...) genus of duck-billed dinosaurs of late Cretaceous

(hadrosauridae is a member of ...) duck-billed dinosaurs of Canada

(... is a member of hadrosauridae) widespread group including duck-billed dinosaurs and their early relatives (hadrosaurs, trachodon and iguanodon)

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