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Definitions and Synonyms of hector | Another word for hector | What is hector?

Definition 1: (Greek mythology) a mythical Trojan who was killed by Achilles during the Trojan War - [noun denoting person]

(hector is an instance of ...) an imaginary being of myth or fable

(hector belongs to category ...) the mythology of the ancient Greeks

Definition 2: be bossy towards - [verb of emotion]

Samples where hector or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • Her big brother always bullied her when she was young

Synonyms for hector in the sense of this definition

(hector is a kind of ...) make timid or fearful

"Her boss intimidates her"

(... is a kind of hector ) rule or exercise power over (somebody) in a cruel and autocratic manner

"her husband and mother-in-law tyrannize her"

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