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Definitions and Synonyms of himantopus himantopus leucocephalus | Another word for himantopus himantopus leucocephalus | What is himantopus himantopus leucocephalus?

Definition 1: stilt of the southwest Pacific including Australia and New Zealand having mostly white plumage but with black wings and nape of neck - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for himantopus himantopus leucocephalus in the sense of this definition

(himantopus himantopus leucocephalus is a kind of ...) long-legged three-toed black-and-white wading bird of inland ponds and marshes or brackish lagoons

(... is a member of himantopus himantopus leucocephalus) major one of two genera of stilts; similar to avocets but with straight bills

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