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Definitions and Synonyms of hoar | Another word for hoar | What is hoar?

Definition 1: ice crystals forming a white deposit (especially on objects outside) - [noun denoting substance]

Synonyms for hoar in the sense of this definition

(hoar is a kind of ...) water frozen in the solid state

"Americans like ice in their drinks"

Definition 2: showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Samples where hoar or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • whose beard with age is hoar
  • nodded his hoary head

Synonyms for hoar in the sense of this definition

(hoar is similar to ...) (used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age

"his mother is very old" "a ripe old age" "how old are you?"

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