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Definitions and Synonyms of hoofed mammal | Another word for hoofed mammal | What is hoofed mammal?

Definition 1: any of a number of mammals with hooves that are superficially similar but not necessarily closely related taxonomically - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for hoofed mammal in the sense of this definition

(hoofed mammal is a kind of ...) mammals having a placenta; all mammals except monotremes and marsupials

(... is a kind of hoofed mammal ) an extinct ungulate

(... is a kind of hoofed mammal ) placental mammals having hooves with an odd number of toes on each foot

(... is a kind of hoofed mammal ) placental mammal having hooves with an even number of functional toes on each foot

(hoofed mammal is a part of ...) the foot of an ungulate mammal

(hoofed mammal is a part of ...) lower part of the leg extending from the hock to the fetlock in hoofed mammals

(hoofed mammal is a part of ...) tarsal joint of the hind leg of hoofed mammals; corresponds to the human ankle

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