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Definitions and Synonyms of hystricomorpha | Another word for hystricomorpha | What is hystricomorpha?

Definition 1: an order of rodents including: porcupines; guinea pigs; chinchillas; etc. - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for hystricomorpha in the sense of this definition

(hystricomorpha is a kind of ...) the order of animals

(hystricomorpha is a member of ...) Old World porcupines

(hystricomorpha is a member of ...) New World arboreal porcupines

(hystricomorpha is a member of ...) a family of Hystricomorpha

(hystricomorpha is a member of ...) agoutis and pacas

(hystricomorpha is a member of ...) coypus

(hystricomorpha is a member of ...) small bushy-tailed South American burrowing rodents

(hystricomorpha is a member of ...) mole rats; sand rats

(... is a member of hystricomorpha) small gnawing animals: porcupines; rats; mice; squirrels; marmots; beavers; gophers; voles; hamsters; guinea pigs; agoutis

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