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Definition 1: (psychoanalysis) primitive instincts and energies underlying all psychic activity - [noun denoting cognition]

(id is a kind of ...) inborn pattern of behavior often responsive to specific stimuli

"the spawning instinct in salmon" "altruistic instincts in social animals"

(... is part of id) that part of the mind wherein psychic activity takes place of which the person is unaware

(id belongs to category ...) a set of techniques for exploring underlying motives and a method of treating various mental disorders; based on the theories of Sigmund Freud

"his physician recommended psychoanalysis"

Definition 2: a card or badge used to identify the bearer - [noun denoting communication]

Samples where id or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • you had to show your ID in order to get in

Synonyms for id in the sense of this definition

(id is a kind of ...) an emblem (a small piece of plastic or cloth or metal) that signifies your status (rank or membership or affiliation etc.)

"they checked everyone's badge before letting them in"

(id is a kind of ...) evidence proving that you are who you say you are; evidence establishing that you are among the group of people already known to the system; recognition by the system leads to acceptance

"a system for positive identification can prevent the use of a single identity by several people"

Definition 3: a state in the Rocky Mountains - [noun denoting location]

Synonyms for id in the sense of this definition

(id is an instance of ...) one of the 50 states of the United States

(id is a part of ...) the first national park in the United States; located in the border area between Wyoming and Montana and Idaho; spectacular wilderness; famous for Old Faithful geyser and for buffalo and bears

(id is a part of ...) a tributary of the Snake River in Idaho

(id is a part of ...) a lake in northern Idaho

(id is a part of ...) a town on the Snake River in south central Idaho near the Twin Falls

(id is a part of ...) a winter sports resort in south central Idaho

(id is a part of ...) a university town in southeastern Idaho

(id is a part of ...) a town in southwestern Idaho

(id is a part of ...) a town in northwestern Idaho

(id is a part of ...) a town in southeastern Idaho on the Snake River

(id is a part of ...) a town in the northern panhandle of Idaho; popular resort area

(id is a part of ...) the capital and largest city of Idaho

(id is a part of ...) a tributary of the Columbia River that rises in Wyoming and flows westward; discovered in 1805 by the Lewis and Clark Expedition

(... is part of id) North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states in North America plus Alaska in northwest North America and the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean; achieved independence in 1776

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