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Definitions and Synonyms of ill-smelling | Another word for ill-smelling | What is ill-smelling?

Definition 1: having an unpleasant smell - [adjective denoting all]

Synonyms for ill-smelling in the sense of this definition

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) smelling like bilge water

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) giving off a strong unpleasant smell

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) having an offensive rancid odor

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) having the putrid odor of decaying organic matter

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) emitting an odor

"odorous salt pork and weevily hardtack"

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) (British informal) malodorous

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) of noxious stench from atmospheric pollution

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) (used of the smell of meat) smelling spoiled or tainted

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) stale and unclean smelling

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) offensively malodorous

"a foul odor" "the kitchen smelled really funky"

(ill-smelling is similar to ...) smelling of fermentation or staleness

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