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Definitions and Synonyms of immobile | Another word for immobile | What is immobile?

Definition 1: not capable of movement or of being moved - [adjective denoting all]

(immobile is similar to ...) not able or intended to be moved

"the immovable hills"

(immobile is similar to ...) (of spores or microorganisms) not capable of movement

(immobile is similar to ...) not moving or operating freely

"a stiff hinge"

(means also ...) not in motion

Definition 2: securely fixed in place - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Samples where immobile or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • the post was still firm after being hit by the car

Synonyms for immobile in the sense of this definition

(immobile is similar to ...) securely placed or fastened or set

"a fixed piece of wood" "a fixed resistor"

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