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Definitions and Synonyms of immoderate | Another word for immoderate | What is immoderate?

Definition 1: beyond reasonable limits - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where immoderate or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • immoderate laughter
  • immoderate spending

(immoderate is similar to ...) far more than usual or expected

"an extraordinary desire for approval" "it was an over-the-top experience"

(immoderate is similar to ...) (used of opinions and actions) far beyond the norm

"extremist political views" "radical opinions on education" "an ultra conservative"

(immoderate is similar to ...) beyond a norm in views or actions

"an extreme conservative" "an extreme liberal" "extreme views on integration" "extreme opinions"

(immoderate is similar to ...) far beyond a norm in quantity or amount or degree; to an utmost degree

"an extreme example" "extreme temperatures" "extreme danger"

(immoderate is similar to ...) complete or extreme

"stark poverty" "a stark contrast"

(immoderate is similar to ...) greatly exceeding bounds of reason or moderation

"exorbitant rent" "extortionate prices" "spends an outrageous amount on entertainment" "usurious interest rate" "unconscionable spending"

(immoderate is similar to ...) beyond normal limits

"excessive charges" "a book of inordinate length" "his dress stops just short of undue elegance" "unreasonable demands"

(immoderate is similar to ...) represented as greater than is true or reasonable

"an exaggerated opinion of oneself"

(immoderate is similar to ...) extreme

"why is he in such an all-fired hurry?"

(immoderate is similar to ...) much greater than the normal

"abnormal profits" "abnormal ambition"

(immoderate is similar to ...) beyond a norm in opinion or actions

"the far right"

(means also ...) not reasonable; not showing good judgment

(means also ...) excessive in behavior

"intemperate rage"

(means also ...) possessing or displaying a distinctive feature to a heightened degree

"intense heat" "intense anxiety" "intense desire" "intense emotion" "the skunk's intense acrid odor" "intense pain" "enemy fire was intense"

(... are attributes of immoderate) quality of being moderate and avoiding extremes

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