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Definition 1: the quality of being unable to exist or work in congenial combination - [noun denoting attribute]

(incompatibility is a kind of ...) a distinguishing quality

(... is a kind of incompatibility ) an incompatibility of dates or events

"he noticed a conflict in the dates of the two meetings"

(... is a kind of incompatibility ) the quality of disagreeing; being unsuitable and inappropriate

Definition 2: the relation between propositions that cannot both be true at the same time - [noun denoting linkdef]

Synonyms for incompatibility in the sense of this definition

(incompatibility is a kind of ...) the relation that exists when opposites cannot coexist

Definition 3: (immunology) the degree to which the body's immune system will try to reject foreign material (as transfused blood or transplanted tissue) - [noun denoting state]

(incompatibility is a kind of ...) the condition or state of the body or bodily functions

(... is a kind of incompatibility ) incompatibility in which one person's tissue cannot be transplanted to another person

(... is a kind of incompatibility ) incompatibility of Rh blood types; a transfusion of Rh-positive blood given to a Rh-negative person (or vice versa) can result in hemolysis and anemia

(incompatibility belongs to category ...) the branch of medical science that studies the body's immune system

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