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Definition 1: insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for insecta in the sense of this definition

(insecta is a kind of ...) (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more orders

(insecta is a member of ...) in some classifications replaced by the orders (here suborders) Blattodea (cockroaches) and Manteodea (mantids); in former classifications often subsumed under a much broader order Orthoptera

(insecta is a member of ...) plant bugs; bedbugs; some true bugs; also includes suborders Heteroptera (true bugs) and Homoptera (e.g., aphids, plant lice and cicadas)

(insecta is a member of ...) an order of insects: includes booklice and bark-lice

(insecta is a member of ...) mayflies

(insecta is a member of ...) stoneflies

(insecta is a member of ...) an order of insects including: lacewings; antlions; dobsonflies; alderflies; fish flies; mantispids; spongeflies

(insecta is a member of ...) dragonflies and damselflies

(insecta is a member of ...) an order of insects consisting of caddis flies

(insecta is a member of ...) firebrats; silverfish; machilids

(insecta is a member of ...) thrips

(insecta is a member of ...) earwigs and a few related forms

(insecta is a member of ...) moths and butterflies

(insecta is a member of ...) subclass of insects characterized by gradual and usually incomplete metamorphosis

(insecta is a member of ...) in some classifications considered a suborder of Orthoptera: stick insects; leaf insects

(insecta is a member of ...) grasshoppers and locusts; crickets

(insecta is a member of ...) an order of insect identified in 2002 in a 45 million year old piece of amber from the Baltic region

(insecta is a member of ...) an order of carnivorous insects usually having long membranous wings and long beaklike heads with chewing mouths at the tip

(insecta is a member of ...) minute wingless arthropods: springtails

(insecta is a member of ...) minute wingless arthropods: telsontails

(insecta is a member of ...) beetles

(insecta is a member of ...) web spinners

(insecta is a member of ...) sucking lice

(insecta is a member of ...) biting lice

(insecta is a member of ...) fleas

(insecta is a member of ...) a large order of insects having a single pair of wings and sucking or piercing mouths; includes true flies and mosquitoes and gnats and crane flies

(insecta is a member of ...) an order of insects including: bees; wasps; ants; ichneumons; sawflies; gall wasps; etc.

(insecta is a member of ...) order of social insects that live in colonies, including: termites; often placed in subclass Exopterygota

(... is a member of insecta) jointed-foot invertebrates: arachnids; crustaceans; insects; millipedes; centipedes

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