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Definitions and Synonyms of integer | Another word for integer | What is integer?

Definition 1: any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero - [noun denoting quantity]

Samples where integer or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • an integer is a number that is not a fraction

Synonyms for integer in the sense of this definition

(integer is a kind of ...) a concept of quantity involving zero and units

"every number has a unique position in the sequence"

(... is a kind of integer ) the integer part (positive or negative) of the representation of a logarithm; in the expression log 643 = 2.808 the characteristic is 2

(... is a kind of integer ) one of two or more integers that can be exactly divided into another integer

"what are the 4 factors of 6?"

(... is a kind of integer ) an integer that is a multiple of two or more other integers

(... is a kind of integer ) an integer that can be divided without remainder into the difference between two other integers

"2 is a modulus of 5 and 9"

(... is a kind of integer ) one of the elements that collectively form a system of numeration

"0 and 1 are digits"

(... is a kind of integer ) an integer equal to or greater than ten

(... is a kind of integer ) a two-digit integer; from 10 to 99

(... is a kind of integer ) the number of inhabitants (either the total number or the number of a particular race or class) in a given place (country or city etc.)

"people come and go, but the population of this town has remained approximately constant for the past decade" "the African-American population of Salt Lake City has been increasing"

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