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Definition 1: arousing or holding the attention - [adjective denoting all]

(interesting is similar to ...) capable of arousing and holding the attention

"a fascinating story"

(interesting is similar to ...) agreeably diverting

"an entertaining puppet show" "films should be entertaining"

(interesting is similar to ...) providing enjoyment; pleasantly entertaining

"an amusing speaker" "a diverting story"

(interesting is similar to ...) capable of arousing interest or curiosity

"our team came up with some most intriguing finds"

(interesting is similar to ...) sufficiently interesting to be reported in a newspaper

(means also ...) creating or arousing excitement

"an exciting account of her trip"

(means also ...) rousing or quickening activity or the senses

"a stimulating discussion"

(... are attributes of interesting) the power of attracting or holding one's attention (because it is unusual or exciting etc.)

"they said nothing of great interest" "primary colors can add interest to a room"

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