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Definitions and Synonyms of islamic ummah | Another word for islamic ummah | What is islamic ummah?

Definition 1: the Muslim community or people, considered to extend from Mauritania to Pakistan - [noun denoting group]

Samples where islamic ummah or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • moderate Muslims urge the Ummah to reject the terrorism of radical Muslims

Synonyms for islamic ummah in the sense of this definition

(islamic ummah is a kind of ...) a group of people living in a particular local area

"the team is drawn from all parts of the community"

(islamic ummah belongs to category ...) the monotheistic religious system of Muslims founded in Arabia in the 7th century and based on the teachings of Muhammad as laid down in the Koran

"Islam is a complete way of life, not a Sunday religion" "the term Muhammadanism is offensive to Muslims who believe that Allah, not Muhammad, founded their religion"

(islamic ummah is used in the usage domain ...) the form of a word that is used to denote more than one

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