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Definitions and Synonyms of kumquat tree | Another word for kumquat tree | What is kumquat tree?

Definition 1: any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Fortunella bearing small orange-colored edible fruits with thick sweet-flavored skin and sour pulp - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for kumquat tree in the sense of this definition

(kumquat tree is a kind of ...) any of numerous tropical usually thorny evergreen trees of the genus Citrus having leathery evergreen leaves and widely cultivated for their juicy edible fruits having leathery aromatic rinds

(... is a kind of kumquat tree ) shrub bearing round-fruited kumquats

(... is a kind of kumquat tree ) shrub bearing oval-fruited kumquats

(kumquat tree is a part of ...) small oval citrus fruit with thin sweet rind and very acid pulp

(... is a member of kumquat tree) small genus of shrubs native to south China producing small ovoid fruits resembling oranges: includes kumquats

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