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Definitions and Synonyms of ligament | Another word for ligament | What is ligament?

Definition 1: any connection or unifying bond - [noun denoting artifact]

(ligament is a kind of ...) a connection that fastens things together

(... is a kind of ligament ) something used to tie or bind

(... is a kind of ligament ) a series of (usually metal) rings or links fitted into one another to make a flexible ligament

(... is a kind of ligament ) ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc

Definition 2: a sheet or band of tough fibrous tissue connecting bones or cartilages or supporting muscles or organs - [noun denoting body]

(ligament is a kind of ...) tissue of mesodermal origin consisting of e.g. collagen fibroblasts and fatty cells; supports organs and fills spaces between them and forms tendons and ligaments

(... is a kind of ligament ) a ligament that attaches part of the liver to the diaphragm and the abdominal wall

(... is a kind of ligament ) ligament attached to the uterus on either side in front of and below the opening of the Fallopian tube and passing through the inguinal canal to the labia majora

(... is part of ligament) the muscular system of an organism

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