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Definition 1: an agranulocytic leukocyte that normally makes up a quarter of the white blood cell count but increases in the presence of infection - [noun denoting body]

Synonyms for lymphocyte in the sense of this definition

(lymphocyte is a kind of ...) blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi; an important part of the body's defense system

(... is a kind of lymphocyte ) a lymphocyte derived from bone marrow that provides humoral immunity; it recognizes free antigen molecules in solution and matures into plasma cells that secrete immunoglobulin (antibodies) that inactivate the antigens

(... is a kind of lymphocyte ) a small lymphocyte developed in the thymus; it orchestrates the immune system's response to infected or malignant cells

(... is a kind of lymphocyte ) an immature lymphocyte

(... is a kind of lymphocyte ) a cell that develops from a B lymphocyte in reaction to a specific antigen; found in bone marrow and sometimes in the blood

(... is part of lymphocyte) the interconnected system of spaces and vessels between body tissues and organs by which lymph circulates throughout the body

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