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Definitions and Synonyms of merciless | Another word for merciless | What is merciless?

Definition 1: having or showing no mercy - [adjective denoting all]

Samples where merciless or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • the merciless enemy
  • a merciless critic
  • gave him a merciless beating

Synonyms for merciless in the sense of this definition

(merciless is similar to ...) ruthless in competition

"cutthroat competition" "bowelless readiness to take advantage"

(merciless is similar to ...) resembling a tiger in fierceness and lack of mercy

"a tigerish fury"

(merciless is similar to ...) without mercy or pity

"an act of ruthless ferocity" "a monster of remorseless cruelty"

(merciless is similar to ...) unrelenting and deadly

"mortal enemy"

(means also ...) having or covered with or accompanied by blood

"a bloody nose" "your scarf is all bloody" "the effects will be violent and probably bloody" "a bloody fight"

(means also ...) lacking kindness

"a thoughtless and unkind remark" "the unkindest cut of all"

(means also ...) dispassionate

"took a hard look" "a hard bargainer"

(means also ...) lacking compassion or feeling for others

"nor silver-shedding tears could penetrate her uncompassionate sire"

(means also ...) used of persons or behavior; showing no clemency or mercy

"the harsh sentence of an inclement judge"

(means also ...) incapable of being placated

"an implacable enemy"

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