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Definitions and Synonyms of minstrel show | Another word for minstrel show | What is minstrel show?

Definition 1: a variety show in which the performers are made up in blackface - [noun denoting communication]

(minstrel show is a kind of ...) a show consisting of a series of short unrelated performances

Definition 2: a troupe of performers in blackface typically giving a comic program of negro songs and jokes - [noun denoting group]

(minstrel show is a kind of ...) organization of performers and associated personnel (especially theatrical)

"the traveling company all stayed at the same hotel"

(minstrel show is a member of ...) a man at one end of line of performers in a minstrel show; carries on humorous dialogue with the interlocutor

(minstrel show is a member of ...) the performer in the middle of a minstrel line who engages the others in talk

(minstrel show is a member of ...) a performer in a minstrel show

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