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Definition 1: trees or shrubs having a milky juice; in some classifications includes genus Cannabis - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for moraceae in the sense of this definition

(moraceae is a kind of ...) family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination

(moraceae is a member of ...) type genus of the Moraceae: mulberries

(moraceae is a member of ...) yellowwood trees or shrubs

(moraceae is a member of ...) evergreen Asiatic trees now grown through the tropics: breadfruit; jackfruit

(moraceae is a member of ...) large genus of tropical trees or shrubs or climbers including fig trees

(moraceae is a member of ...) paper mulberry

(... is a member of moraceae) an order of dicotyledonous plants including Moraceae and Urticaceae and Ulmaceae

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