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Definitions and Synonyms of move back | Another word for move back | What is move back?

Definition 1: pull back or move away or backward - [verb of motion]

Samples where move back or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • The enemy withdrew
  • The limo pulled away from the curb

Synonyms for move back in the sense of this definition

(move back is a kind of ...) change location; move, travel, or proceed, also metaphorically

"How fast does your new car go?" "We travelled from Rome to Naples by bus" "The policemen went from door to door looking for the suspect" "The soldiers moved towards the city in an attempt to take it before night fell" "news travelled fast"

(... is a kind of move back ) move back and away from

"The enemy fell back"

(... is a kind of move back ) move back

"The glacier retrogrades"

(... is a kind of move back ) move backwards from a certain position

"The bully had to back down"

(move back has a similar meaning as ...) make a retreat from an earlier commitment or activity

"We'll have to crawfish out from meeting with him" "He backed out of his earlier promise" "The aggressive investment company pulled in its horns"

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