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Definition 1: trees and shrubs yielding a fragrant oil - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for myrtaceae in the sense of this definition

(myrtaceae is a kind of ...) family of flowering plants having two cotyledons (embryonic leaves) in the seed which usually appear at germination

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) tall trees native to the Australian region; source of timber and medicinal oils from the aromatic leaves

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) guavas

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) a genus of tropical American trees and shrubs of the myrtle family

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) used in some classifications for rose apples (Eugenia jambos)

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) small South American shrubs or trees

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) tropical trees and shrubs with aromatic leaves and often valuable hard wood

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) allspice tree

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) type genus of the Myrtaceae

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) trees and shrubs

(myrtaceae is a member of ...) a tropical evergreen tree of the myrtle family native to the East Indies but cultivated elsewhere

(... is a member of myrtaceae) Myrtaceae; Combretaceae; Elaeagnaceae; Haloragidaceae; Melastomaceae; Lecythidaceae; Lythraceae; Rhizophoraceae; Onagraceae; Lecythidaceae; Punicaceae

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