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Definition 1: (Norse mythology) wife of Balder - [noun denoting person]

(nanna is a kind of ...) a deity worshipped by the ancient Norsemen

(nanna belongs to category ...) the mythology of Scandinavia (shared in part by Britain and Germany) until the establishment of Christianity

Definition 2: the mother of your father or mother - [noun denoting person]

Synonyms for nanna in the sense of this definition

(nanna is a kind of ...) a parent of your father or mother

(... is a kind of nanna ) your grandmother

Definition 3: god of the Moon; counterpart of the Akkadian Sin - [noun denoting person]

(nanna is an instance of ...) a deity worshipped by the ancient Semites

(nanna belongs to a domain located in ...) an area in the southern region of Babylonia in present-day Iraq; site of the Sumerian civilization of city-states that flowered during the third millennium BC

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