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Definitions and Synonyms of niger-kordofanian | Another word for niger-kordofanian | What is niger-kordofanian?

Definition 1: the family of languages that includes most of the languages spoken in Africa south of the Sahara; the majority of them are tonal languages but there are important exceptions (e.g., Swahili or Fula) - [noun denoting communication]

Synonyms for niger-kordofanian in the sense of this definition

(niger-kordofanian is a kind of ...) a human written or spoken language used by a community; opposed to e.g. a computer language

(... is a kind of niger-kordofanian ) a group of languages spoken in the relatively small Kordofan area of the south Sudan

(... is a kind of niger-kordofanian ) a family of African language spoken in west Africa

(niger-kordofanian belongs to category ...) the most widely spoken Bantu languages; the official language of Kenya and Tanzania and widely used as a lingua franca in east and central Africa

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