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Definitions and Synonyms of nitrify | Another word for nitrify | What is nitrify?

Definition 1: treat (soil) with nitrates - [verb of change]

(nitrify is a kind of ...) provide with fertilizers or add nutrients to

"We should fertilize soil if we want to grow healthy plants"

Definition 2: treat with nitrogen or a nitrogen compound - [verb of change]

Synonyms for nitrify in the sense of this definition

(nitrify is a kind of ...) subject to a process or treatment, with the aim of readying for some purpose, improving, or remedying a condition

"process cheese" "process hair" "treat the water so it can be drunk" "treat the lawn with chemicals" "treat an oil spill"

Definition 3: convert into nitric acid, nitrous acid, or nitrate, especially with the action of nitrobacteria - [verb of change]

(nitrify is a kind of ...) change the nature, purpose, or function of something

"convert lead into gold" "convert hotels into jails" "convert slaves to laborers"

(nitrify implies ...) add oxygen to or combine with oxygen

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