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Definitions and Synonyms of nitrocellulose | Another word for nitrocellulose | What is nitrocellulose?

Definition 1: a nitric acid ester; used in lacquers and explosives - [noun denoting substance]

Synonyms for nitrocellulose in the sense of this definition

(nitrocellulose is a kind of ...) any ester of cellulose with an acid

(nitrocellulose is a kind of ...) any compound containing the nitrate group (such as a salt or ester of nitric acid)

(... is a kind of nitrocellulose ) nitrocellulose containing less nitrogen than guncotton; used in making smokeless powder

(... is a kind of nitrocellulose ) highly flammable nitrocellulose used in making collodion and plastics and lacquers

(... is made of the substance nitrocellulose) mixture of guncotton with nitroglycerin

(... is made of the substance nitrocellulose) explosive powder (nitroglycerin and guncotton and petrolatum) dissolved in acetone and dried and extruded in brown cords

(... is made of the substance nitrocellulose) highly flammable substance made from cellulose nitrate and camphor; used in e.g. motion-picture and X-ray film; its use has decreased with the development of nonflammable thermoplastics

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