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Definition 1: large beautifully colored butterflies - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for nymphalidae in the sense of this definition

(nymphalidae is a kind of ...) any of the arthropods

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) large Old World butterflies

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) fritillaries

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) fritillaries

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) comma butterflies

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) mainly dark northern butterflies with white wing bars

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) painted beauty and red admiral

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) type genus of the Nymphalidae: mourning cloak butterflies

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) medium to large butterflies found worldwide typically having brightly colored wings and much-reduced nonfunctional forelegs carried folded on the breast

(nymphalidae is a member of ...) a genus of Nymphalidae

(... is a member of nymphalidae) moths and butterflies

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