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Definition 1: a large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere - [noun denoting object]

(ocean is the domain which ... is member of) the part of the earth's surface covered with water (such as a river or lake or ocean)

"they invaded our territorial waters" "they were sitting by the water's edge"

(... is a kind of ocean ) literary term for an ocean

"denizens of the deep"

(... is an instance of ocean) the largest ocean in the world

(... is an instance of ocean) the 3rd largest ocean; bounded by Africa on the west, Asia on the north, Australia on the east and merging with the Antarctic Ocean to the south

(... is an instance of ocean) the southern waters surrounding Antarctica

(... is an instance of ocean) the 2nd largest ocean; separates North and South America on the west from Europe and Africa on the east

(... is an instance of ocean) ice covered waters surrounding the North Pole; mostly covered with solid ice or with ice floes and icebergs

(... is part of ocean) the watery layer of the earth's surface; includes water vapor

(ocean is the domain which ... is member of) the land along the edge of a body of water

Definition 2: anything apparently limitless in quantity or volume - [noun denoting quantity]

Synonyms for ocean in the sense of this definition

(ocean is a kind of ...) an indefinite quantity that is above the average in size or magnitude

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