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Definitions and Synonyms of olearia | Another word for olearia | What is olearia?

Definition 1: large genus of Australian evergreen shrubs or small trees with large daisylike flowers - [noun denoting plant]

Synonyms for olearia in the sense of this definition

(olearia is a kind of ...) genus of more or less advanced dicotyledonous herbs and some trees and shrubs

(olearia is a member of ...) any of various mostly Australian attractively shaped shrubs of the genus Olearia grown for their handsome and sometimes fragrant evergreen foliage and profusion of daisy flowers with white or purple or blue rays

(... is a member of olearia) plants with heads composed of many florets: aster; daisy; dandelion; goldenrod; marigold; lettuces; ragweed; sunflower; thistle; zinnia

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