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Definitions and Synonyms of oryctolagus cuniculus | Another word for oryctolagus cuniculus | What is oryctolagus cuniculus?

Definition 1: common greyish-brown burrowing animal native to southern Europe and northern Africa but introduced elsewhere; widely domesticated and developed in various colors and for various needs; young are born naked and helpless - [noun denoting animal]

Synonyms for oryctolagus cuniculus in the sense of this definition

(oryctolagus cuniculus is a kind of ...) any of various burrowing animals of the family Leporidae having long ears and short tails; some domesticated and raised for pets or food

(oryctolagus cuniculus is a part of ...) flesh of any of various rabbits or hares (wild or domesticated) eaten as food

(... is a member of oryctolagus cuniculus) Old World rabbits

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