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Definition 1: (physics) a regular periodic variation in value about a mean - [noun denoting event]

Synonyms for oscillation in the sense of this definition

(oscillation is a kind of ...) (physics) a movement up and down or back and forth

(... is a kind of oscillation ) (electronics) an oscillation of small amplitude imposed on top of a steady value

(... is a kind of oscillation ) (physics) a short-lived oscillation in a system caused by a sudden change of voltage or current or load

(... is a kind of oscillation ) a single pulsation of an oscillation produced by adding two waves of different frequencies; has a frequency equal to the difference between the two oscillations

(... is a kind of oscillation ) a vibration of large amplitude produced by a relatively small vibration near the same frequency of vibration as the natural frequency of the resonating system

(... is a kind of oscillation ) (physics) vibration produced by resonance

(oscillation belongs to category ...) the science of matter and energy and their interactions

"his favorite subject was physics"

Definition 2: a single complete execution of a periodically repeated phenomenon - [noun denoting event]

Samples where oscillation or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • a year constitutes a cycle of the seasons

Synonyms for oscillation in the sense of this definition

(oscillation is a kind of ...) an event that recurs at intervals

(... is a kind of oscillation ) the complete cycle of events in the heart from the beginning of one heart beat to the beginning of the next; an electrical impulse conducted through the heart muscle that constricts the atria which is followed by constriction of the ventricles

"the cardiac cycle can be shown on an electrocardiogram"

(... is a kind of oscillation ) a cycle (of expansion and compression) of an idealized reversible heat engine that does work without loss of heat

(... is a kind of oscillation ) one complete cycle of operations (as by a computer)

"it was not possible to complete the computation in a single pass"

(... is a kind of oscillation ) a recurring cycle (beginning at menarche and ending at menopause) in which the endometrial lining of the uterus prepares for pregnancy; if pregnancy does not occur the lining is shed at menstruation

"the average menstrual cycle is 28 days"

Definition 3: the process of oscillating between states - [noun denoting process]

(oscillation is a kind of ...) a process existing in or produced by nature (rather than by the intent of human beings)

"the action of natural forces" "volcanic activity"

(... is a kind of oscillation ) (astronomy) a real or apparent slow oscillation of a moon or satellite

"the libration of the moon"

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