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Definitions and Synonyms of ostentate | Another word for ostentate | What is ostentate?

Definition 1: display proudly; act ostentatiously or pretentiously - [verb of perception]

Samples where ostentate or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • he showed off his new sports car

Synonyms for ostentate in the sense of this definition

(ostentate is a kind of ...) to show, make visible or apparent

"The Metropolitan Museum is exhibiting Goya's works this month" "Why don't you show your nice legs and wear shorter skirts?" "National leaders will have to display the highest skills of statesmanship"

(... is a kind of ostentate ) exhibit the strength of

"The victorious army flexes its invincibility"

(... is a kind of ostentate ) be showy or ostentatious

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