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Definitions and Synonyms of palatal | Another word for palatal | What is palatal?

Definition 1: a semivowel produced with the tongue near the palate (like the initial sound in the English word `yeast') - [noun denoting communication]

(palatal is a kind of ...) a vowellike sound that serves as a consonant

Definition 2: relating to or lying near the palate - [adjective denoting pert]

Samples where palatal or its synonyms are used according to this definition

  • palatal index
  • the palatine tonsils

Synonyms for palatal in the sense of this definition

Definition 3: produced with the front of the tongue near or touching the hard palate (as `y') or with the blade of the tongue near the hard palate (as `ch' in `chin' or `j' in `gin') - [adjective satellite denoting all]

Synonyms for palatal in the sense of this definition

(palatal is similar to ...) (of speech sounds); produced with the back of the tongue raised toward the hard palate; characterized by a hissing or hushing sound (as `s' and `sh')

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